Top 5 Reasons Why I Am Always Feeling Tired

Why am I feeling tired?  The feeling has affected my total performance in all activities. It’s simply not me to be slow and easily tired. What can be happening inside my body?

There are reasons why I am always feeling tired. The top 5 reasons are because of lack of sleep, eating too little, having chronic fatigue syndrome, suffering from a heart disease and not consuming enough iron.

Lack of sleep

One of the most common reasons why a person easily gets fatigued is getting little sleep. Most adults need to sleep about 7 to 8 hours at night and the constant lack of it would not give you enough energy to go on with everyday chores. Not eating enough food especially during breakfast or eating the wrong kinds of foods everyday can always be a problem to our health. For example, having doughnuts for breakfast makes your blood sugar rise significantly, which results in sluggishness. Eating a heavy but healthy breakfast will always start your day right and make you energetic throughout the day. Examples of foods for a good breakfast are eggs and wholemeal toast which can maintain a stable energy level.

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Fatigue that lasts for a long period of time such as for more than six months may be a sign that you have chronic fatigue syndrome. The main symptom of this illness is persistent and unexplained exhaustion. Fatigue experienced by people with CFS does not disappear even with rest and even worsens, making it a complicated disorder. Chronic fatigue syndrome is triggered by a combination of factors and requires the patient to undergo a battery of medical tests to rule out other diseases with same symptoms.

Heart health problems

Your heart may not be functioning properly if you easily get exhausted while performing everyday chores such as climbing stairs or cleaning the house. This could be early signs of a heart disease and this will require you to see a doctor particualry heart specialist. Heart disease can be corrected through various ways which includes medication, a change in lifestyle and also through therapy.

Iron deficiency

A deficiency in iron can make you sluggish as well as weak and tired since less oxygen passes through your muscles and cells as a result of iron deficiency. Increasing iron intake can also reduce risk of having anemia by eating good amounts of eggs, tofu, kidney beans, lean beef, dark green leafy vegetables, peanut butter and nuts as well as peanut butter. You can also add foods with high vitamin C since it improves iron absorption.

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