Managing Fatigue

About Managing Fatigue

General fatigue should not be confused with chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a very grave affliction that can cripple an individual. General fatigue is fairly typical, and many people experience it over the course of time. Fatigue is generally divided into two areas: mental fatigue and physical fatigue. There are certainly ways of coping with both forms of fatigue that will lead you away from it and toward a more restful place where you can function on normal levels.

Physical Fatigue

Physical fatigue comes from exerting yourself too much during physical activity. The muscles in your body literally become fatigued and you lose the ability to exert any kind of force with them. Doctors actually conduct a test of strength on you when they detect potential muscle disorders to see what kind of range of physical activity you have. Central muscle weakness is an exhaustion of the entire body, as opposed to peripheral weakness, which is selective exhaustion of individual muscles.

Mental Fatigue

Mental fatigue can exist completely independently from physical fatigue. Mental fatigue can manifest itself in a few different ways. One way is sleepiness, or somnolence. This type of mental fatigue simply makes you want to sleep a majority of the time, which can be problematic for your job and other adult responsibilities. Another kind of mental fatigue involves a general decrease in attention overall. This can be dangerous for when you are driving or otherwise need to pay strict attention to your surroundings.

Causes of Fatigue

Fatigue can be the result of several different things. Working and the stress related to work can cause it. Being overstimulated or understimulated in an environment can bring about fatigue. Jet lag is one of the biggest causes of fatigue. Both boredom and a literal lack of sleep can bring about fatigue. Occasionally fatigue can be caused by poisoning or a mineral or vitamin deficiency in the body. Also, an extreme loss of blood always prompts fatigue and lethargy, because the body has no energy all of a sudden.

Overcoming Fatigue

Physical fatigue can usually be overcome with sleep and rest. If your physical fatigue persists you should see a doctor immediately because it’s indicative of a larger medical issue. Mental fatigue is a trickier business. There are some types of mental fatigue that will wear off, and there are also types that you can easily overcome, but often times, mental fatigue exists when the mind is in a slump. There are times when you will really have to work to overcome your mental fatigue in order to walk a worthwhile path. You will have to put forth an effort at times to battle against mental fatigue.

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