Chronic Fatigue Diet

It is important to carefully choose foods for chronic fatigue diet because individuals suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome may be at high risk of developing cardiovascular disorders.

Chronic fatigue diet includes foods that form part of the basic food group. This is to make sure that the patient takes the necessary nutrients to maintain proper body weight while correcting the nutritional deficiency , one of the contributing factors of chronic fatigue.

Whole grains

A chronic fatigue diet should be a balanced diet that should include whole grains to maintain the digestive system in good working order. A low carbohydrate diet can also make the chronic fatigue syndrome patient feel better. Find the variety of whole grain foods available in your local market.

Fruits and vegetables

Using fruits and vegetables as the main source of carbohydrates rather than millets and cereals is also preferred and favorable to the patients. This is because fruits and vegetables provide the more essential minerals vital for persons suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. A diet which is high in fruits such as blueberries and vegetables can also boost the plasma antioxidant capacity of the patient while protecting the red blood cells from oxidative damage.


Tofu is high in protein. include tofu in chronic fatigue diet.
Tofu is high in protein. include tofu in chronic fatigue diet.

The preferred protein foods for people with chronic fatigue are animal proteins such as eggs, fish and meat. Animal proteins are essential as well since this food group contains the needed amino acids. However, patients should avoid eating red meat regularly but rather occasionally. Eating a variety of protein foods must be observed to get all the amino acids needed. Protein drinks such as whey protein powders can also be helpful to reinforce the low levels of glutathione and strengthen the immune system.

Healthy fats

Healthy fats should also be part of the chronic fatigue diet since fats can also improve poor immune function while arresting hormonal imbalance while supporting cognitive functioning. Fats such as extra virgin olive oil are also good source of energy and is also known to reliably reduce cell death while decreasing memory loss.

Energy boosting foods

Foods that can improve energy metabolism such as chicken meat, milk, cheddar cheese and almonds should also form part of the chronic fatigue diet while improving energy, mental clarity, sleep and pain intensity.

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